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Evidence based HR

Seeing is believing! It is true for the managerial world as well. It has not been long ago when managers used to talk figuratively with regard to HR outcomes. But now, in the post globalized scenario, numbers seem to speak a better truth. If there is a path breaking initiative in HR in the recent years it is the Quant HR. Measurement is no more alien to HR. How long can HR remain aloof or stay afloat escaping measurement when everything else in organizations is measured? Data, numerals, math, matrices and analytics define the order of the day in HR functions today. Let us rise up to the occasion and start crunching numbers in HR activities!

Technical Session : The Neo Workforce

Active, ambitious, dynamic, energetic, change-loving, gadget-savvy generation. That is the post-lib young workforce in India. Living up to their expectations and making them make in India is a tall order. What HR strategies could be worked out and adopted to tackle this potential challenge?

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