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Re-aligning Labour Laws

This subject is perhaps the most talked about and debated issue in the industrial arena in India today. For a rapidly changing economy like ours, labour laws have become the most dragging factor because of its gross irrelevance and obsolescence. The archaic industrial jurisprudence that is more than a century old has undone many of modern India's efforts to re-invent,re-orient, redirect and grow. The changes suggested and amendments anticipated are going to be not less than revolutionary. Let us deliberate on this and attempt to make a match between the legal framework and production system and carve out a Win-Win path for India 2.0.

Technical Session : The Neo Workforce

Active, ambitious, dynamic, energetic, change-loving, gadget-savvy generation. That is the post-lib young workforce in India. Living up to their expectations and making them make in India is a tall order. What HR strategies could be worked out and adopted to tackle this potential challenge?

    Re-aligning Labour Laws
    New Paradigms in
    Skilling and Learning
    Employee Relations
    Evidence based HR